LIVE Page Builder

Build beautiful responsive pages even faster, visually without having any experience with coding.

  • Front page
  • Import/export content
  • Pages added to the front page
  • Save custom layouts
  • Any page added to a course
  • Move every elements

Visually page builder

Build page easily with drag and drop interface, without coding. Page builder gives you a live preview of your page that you can edit in real-time.

Responsive options

Set custom options for different mobile devices. Page ebuilder also provides easy page preview on mobile devices that you can check how your site looks in a tablet or smartphone.

Import/export pages

Instead of starting from scratch, use our pre-designed blocks and layouts to speed up your design process. Page builder allows you also save custom layouts that you can use it again on the another page.

One click demo install

Install demo pages in seconds, without database importing. Demo content can be imported on an existing or a new Moodle site. The Live Page Builder allows you to import predefined layouts or import page partially, using pre-made blocks.

  • Import whole layouts or blocks
  • Save custom layouts
  • Import custom layuts
Watch video tutorial

Large element library

The Live Page Builder provides 50+ elements to build custom sites. The Builder includes many static elements (e.g. heading, text, icon, content and image boxes) and dynamic elements (e.g. Moodle courses and categories, video and corusel). All elements are fully customized and gives unlimited pisibilites to build beautiful pages.

Mobile friendly

Page builder allows you add custom settings for mobile devices. During page building proccess you can easy preview page in a different screen sizes. With these features your pages will looks awesoem on all decives, mobile and desktop.

How to videos

Import pre-built sites

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