User notices plugin

Create announcements for everyone: guests, logged in users, students, teachers.

Announcements for all or specific users

You can create announcement for all users or specific group of users, for example students, teachers, guests.

Design announcement banner

You can set background color and text color of announcement banner. You may also set banner position on the page (top, content, bottom).

Course announcement

You can create course announcement. It will be visible on any course page.

Announcement on any page

You can publish announcement on a specific Moodle page, for example front page, dashboard, calendar, login or course page.

Start/End announcement date

For each announcement you can set start/end date. You don't need remember to disable announcement if is expired.

Multi language announcements

You can set different announcements for different languages. This feature allows you create multi language announcements.
Mb2 Notices management panel.